Meetinghouse Road, Pouch Cove

Meet Directors: Jeff Driscoll and Michael Sullivan

Meet conditions: Sunny ( 18 degrees Celsius )

Sep 27 , 1:30PM

Short Course

Names Scores
Pat Sullivan 00:47:00
Kirsten Mckay/Danica Templeton/Molly Clarke/Sarah Harris/Bridget Lapraine/Heather Predhan/Katie Predham 01:20:00
Cody Kennedy 01:28:50
Cheryl Hearn 01:30:40
Brandon Flynn 01:34:30
Jason Walsh 01:35:50
Josh Hachey DNF
Holly Kelly/Skylar Kennedy DNF
Katie Bauer/Flora Chubbs/Jean Patey/Deidra Maquire/Alexis Templeton/Kaylen Hill/Gladys Schofield DNF
Christian and Sofia Albgato/Ralf, Sebastian and Marco Bachmayer/Karina Zabala DNF

Medium Course

Names Scores
Abigail Steele 01:17:08
Brian Claus/Jen Bergshoff 01:26:20
Dave Grant 01:28:30
Martin Mulligan 01:31:30
Mitchell Hearn 01:33:30
Chad Healey/Cory Hutchings 02:00:50
Kyle Downey DNF
Austin Didham DNF
Mike Wilkshire DNF
Jordan Snow DNF
Ravenlee Kelly DNF
Emily Walsh DNF
Randy Dodge DNF
Helen Spencer/Pauline Emery DNF

Long Course

Names Scores
Joel Engwall 01:19:45
Roger Motty 01:57:40
Don Spencer 02:00:10
Michael Rayment 02:44:07
Matthew Newell DNF
Richard Power DNF
Neilson Woodman DNF
Alex Charron/Marian Wissink/TA Loeffler/Anya DNF


The course time were more that likely slower because of all the great blueberries.

Comments? Suggestions? Corrections? Have we mangled your name horribly? Drop us a line at the address below.
Hope to see you all at the next meet.

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