Training Meet - Petro Canada O & M Staff - Results

Meet Director: Phil Graham, Michael Rayment

Meet conditions - Rain and Drizzle, 6 degrees C

October 27, 2005

Med/Training Course

Names Scores
Jamie MacKay, Walter Whelan 27:45
Barry Tremholm, Jamie White 28:02
Jason Pretty, Jim Power 30:30
Steven Lear, Chad Robertson 30:45
Ed Sharpe, Jeff Holmes 31:45
Martin Andrea, Dion Kavanagh 32:27
Scott Croft, Edgar Lopez 32:51
Leo Batter, Chris Stratton 36:44
Bill Best, Katrina Lewis 42:00
Jamie Merriam, Chris Boyde 43:00
Kathy Mercer, Percey Delaney 51:00


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Hope to see you all at the next meet.

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