Pippy Park, Groves Road

Meet Directors: Dave Grant

Meet conditions: Sun and Cloud ( 10 degrees Celsius )

May 27th , 1:30PM

Short Course - 3.0 km

Names Scores
Robert Decarle0:49:10
John Brown1:11:10
Adrian, Ayesha, Akash and Roshni Fiech1:30:58
Emma, Grace, Jeff and Karen Holmes1:36:46

Medium Course - 4.0 km

Names Scores
David Agar0:31:54
Murray and Andrew Brooker1:05:10
Andrew Vardy1:13:30
Marjorie Sandi-Cock1:47:01
Christina Fung1:47:01
Tony and Judy Statham1:47:01
Ann Martin, Sarah Harris, John Harris, Megan Dobbin, Amelia Harris, Kayleigh Wareham, Niamh Maguire, Ellen Power, Heather Predham1:59:26

Long Course - 5.0 km

Names Scores
David Agar0:50:56
Barry Power0:56:05
Bart Godlewski1:01:50
Shawna Walsh1:14:50
Crystal Lenky1:40:50
Alain Lusignan1:40:50
Kat Goetting1:40:50
Nicolas Morin and Erin Aylward2:55:30


Hope to see you all at the next meet.

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