Holyrood Meet Results

Meet Directors: Bruce Jarvis

September 26 1:30PM

Short Course

Names Scores
Chris Hynes60:48
Tommy Smyth72:29
Helen Spencer and Ruth Spencer77:70
Chad Brocklehurst81:35
Adrien Doucet, Eleri Dymond, Avril Dymond, Alex Charron and Danny Spencer83:45
John Doucet and Paula Wilson84:02
Adrien Charron, Sarah Osomond, Veronica Dymond, Beth Spencer and Nicolas Morin 87:45
Mike Parmerter87:52
Marianne Stopp, Richard McKenna and Thomas McKenna92:07
Tony MiddletonDNF
Glynn Burke and Jeannine DaigleDNF

Medium Course

Names Scores
Robbie Morell65:28
Greg Lovett103:16
Chad Healy111:45
Becky Sturde113:53
Keith Taylor118:02
Randy Dodge128:10
Dave Fifield and Joanne Fifield144:40
Don Spencer and Paul Robbins149:20
Barb Taylor151:01

Long Course

Names Scores
Michael Rendell94:63
Martin Mulligan103:05
Lenny Dunne104:16
Ross Courtney123:15
Nolan White and Marian Wissink126:34
Michael RaymentDNF
Last updated on September 29, 1999.
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