Tilton Barrens

Meet Director: Phil Graham

Meet conditions: Cloudy ( 16 degrees Celsius )

September 26 , 1:30PM

Short Course - 2.0 km

Names Scores
Geoffrey Cole0:59:00
Pat Goodyear1:02:00
Samantha Gaulton and Ryan Peach1:03:30
Elise Morin1:05:00
Leslie Moore1:08:20
Jamie Sullivan1:11:00
Curtis Blackwood1:12:00
Sasha Walsh1:13:40
Justin Sturge1:21:00
Krystal Surge1:26:20
Adam Windsor1:30:20
Melissa Rockwood and Thomas Lafitte1:52:30
Bradley Baldwin and Ryan Parrott1:55:10
Corey Hudson and Brittney Cooper1:55:15
Candace Temple and Jessica Smith1:55:50
Jessica Clarke and Amanda Kelloway1:56:30
Melisa EzekielDNF
Krista MurphyDNF
Brandon Kelloway and Matthew BeanDNF
Alyshah Griffin and Regan PeckhamDNF

Medium Course - 4.0 km

Names Scores
Shawn Conway1:10:15
William Smith1:23:20
James Newhook1:32:00
Elise Morin1:41:00
Pauline Emery, Kerry Cornell, and John Doucet1:45:20
Shalane Wade1:47:15
Rebecca O'Keefe and Daniel Boudreau1:50:30
Kayla Monks1:50:45
Jessica Brazil, Brittney Temple, Ted Newhook, and Adam Bruce1:52:15
Katylin Murphy1:54:00
Kyle Byrne and Mark Churchill1:54:40
Shawna Walsh1:55:40
Randy Dodge2:04:00
Michael and Peter Sullivan2:08:00
Mark Whitty2:37:00
Shana RyallDNF
Brandon WhiteDNF

Long Course - 6.0 km

Names Scores
Nolan White1:36:20
Dave Benteau1:44:50
Margot Doucet, Erik and Alex Charron, and Nicolas Morin 1:50:40
Michael Rayment1:58:30
Pat Novachinsky2:08:20
Alex Dugal2:15:10
Richard Charron and Marian Wissink2:19:30
Jamie Graham2:29:00
Mike WilkshireDNF


Hope to see you all at the next meet.

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