Meetinghouse Road Pouch Cove

Meet Directors: Danial and Scott Schillereff

May 26 1:30PM

Short Course

Names Scores
Richard and Thomas McKenna53:42
Andy and Landon Fisher65:03
Skye Fisher, Eleanor Schillereff and Ruth Spencer66:04

Medium Course

Names Scores
Randy Dodge94:14
Kagan Roy108:59
Marianne Stopp111:24
Abigail Steele and Kyla Fisher120:30
Eva and Kim Whitmore156:05
Elizabeth Oliver160:53
Alison Cox, Anna Sharpe and Nolan White168:10
Pauline Doucet and Helen Spencer219:46
Bridget NeameDNF

Long Course

Names Scores
David Benteau104:18
Noel Roy104:49
Don Spencer, Erik Charron and Danny SpencerDNF
Last updated on May 27, 2002.
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