Bowring Park

Meet Directors: TA Loeffler, Marian Wissink

Meet conditions: Cloudy, 4 degrees Celsius

June 2, 2013 , 1:30PM

Score Meet Results

Names Time Score
Barry Power0:41:2863
Martin Mulligan0:58:5663
Caroline Muselet1:13:1563
Dillon Bragg and Clark Pyne0:52:5047
Don Spencer and Terry Bullock1:19:0045
Joseph Williams and Rose Clay1:19:2740
Muneeb Azher and Nick Burry1:19:4534
Julie Rideout and Edward Rideout1:19:5029
Sherene, Emma, Sarah and Samuel1:01:4827
Raven Kelly and Shauna Kelley1:01:0125
Brewin, Tobin and McKrindle1:08:0025
Claude Beaudoin and Josh Strong1:40:0010
Kyle Snow, Brendan Leftaulc, Jonathan Howlett1:05:4823
Sherri, Matthew, Mya and Laura1:37:006
Brad and Amanda1:31:004
Dave, Kristi, Cooper and Daweson1:38:50-21
Dylan, Conner and Sam1:48:10-35
Corcoran and Stanley1:01:00unknown


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Hope to see you all at the next meet.

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