Pippy Park, Groves Road

Meet Directors: Shawn Conway

Meet conditions: Sun and Cloud ( 19 degrees Celsius )

Sept 25th , 1:30PM

Short Course - 2.8 km

Names Scores
Patrick and John Brown1:18:23
Barb and Kim Taylor1:14:48
Noah and Jake Taylor1:23:20
Samantha Burke1:29:07
Amber King1:35:09
Adam ManualDNF
Garnet's TeamDNF
Jasper's TeamDNF

Medium Course - 4.6 km

Names Scores
Martin Mulligan1:26:37
Tom Rahill1:43:45
Andrew Rodger and Kyle Downey1:56:28
Bridget,Joanne and Heather2:06:00
Sarah, Juilet, Sopie, El and Sarah2:15:04
David Rodger and Bill Rahill2:25:52
Randy Dodge2:48:03
Robert LuvelleDNF
Mike WilkshireDNF
Tia WhitewayDNF

Long Course - 4.8 km

Names Scores
Colin Taylor1:01:22
Seamus Boyd-Porter1:19:02
Lev Tarson1:26:00
Michaela Burke1:29:50
Austin Didham1:33:50
Hilary, Julia and Dan2:06:28


Turned out to be a good day for orienteering

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