Meetinghouse Road, Pouch Cove

Meet Directors: Don Spencer, Helen Spencer and Pauline Emery

Meet conditions: Sun and Cloud ( 12 degrees Celsius )

September 25th , 1:30PM

Short Course - 2.6 km

Names Scores
Karlton Dean0:24:15
Trevor Hearn0:26:50
Curtis Blackwood0:38:20
Sasha Walsh0:40:00
Chris Kielly1:04:20
Jeff Holmes, Emma and Grace1:05:16
Richard Power1:07:32
Jeremy Bonia1:07:53
Johnathon Dalton1:44:00
Josh Power1:48:15
Evan Edinger and Garnet Edinger1:52:00
Jennifer Rendell and Jasper Edinger1:57:00
Richard Dalton2:14:14
Shane McEvoyDNF

Medium Course - 3.2 km

Names Scores
Clark Richards and Tara Simmond1:19:50
Andrew Brooker and Murray Brooker1:26:35
Justin Hearn1:26:45
Shawna Walsh1:30:43
Joanna Chong1:32:40
Stephen Brown and Martina Pennell1:44:45
Kayla monks and Mark Churchill1:51:20
Elizabeth Oliver1:54:15
Luke Patterson, Adrian Charron and Marian Wissink2:00:54
Randy Dodge and John Doucet2:01:03
Jamie Sullivan2:07:20
Shelaine Wade and Meaghan Dugal2:07:35
MaryBeth Whalen2:08:50
Carolyn Chong, Kate Road and Anne Munir2:24:57
Joleen BarronDNF

Long Course - 4.7 km

Names Scores
Nolan White1:31:45
Michael Rayment1:49:55
Noel Roy1:54:34
Neil Barrett and Veronica Lefebvre3:02:37
Abigail SteelDNF
Barry PowerDNF
Sherri Hennessey, Norm Dimmel and Steve RandellDNF
Alex Dugal and Denise WilcottDNF


Hope to see you all at the next meet.

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