Pippy Park

Meet Directors: 1st Torbay Venturers, Erik Charron, Nolan White

Meet conditions: sunny, some cloud ( 10 degrees Celsius )

May 25, 1:30PM

Short Course - 1.6 km

Names Scores
Sarah Osmond31:21
Ulf Schuenemann, Yue Ma, Young39:00
Landon Fisher, Andy Fisher, Abigail Steele44:16
Vero Dymond45:00??
Allison Cox and Diabag Bose53:13
Gillian Sheppard and Janet Cooke1:15:00
Jacob Leon, Robbie Pitt, Ben Sparkes1:25:00

Long Course - 4.1 km

Names Scores
Nicolas Morin, Adrian Charron, Andrew Garland (on Mountain bikes)54:00
Danny Spencer, Don Spencer, and Smokey1:28:56
Kyla Fisher and Erik Charron1:29:24
Margot Doucet1:29:36
Elizabeth Oliver and Shadow1:34:47
Randy Dodge1:36:11
Kagan Roy1:44:19
Dwayne Hart and Paul Price2:06:04
Pauline Emery, John Doucet, Helen Spencer, Abigail Steele2:24:00
Maaike CharronDNF
Jonas Roberts and Matthew SmythDNF
Andrew Hicks and Eric DeitchDNF
David Ennis and Andrew MurphyDNF
Ernie Geddes, Melanie Ficht, Leo Argyrus, Gordon HackensDNF

Training Course

Names Scores
Donna Moralejo
Jacob Leon, Robbie Pitt, Nathaniel Leon, Ben Sparkes


Thanks to the following venturers for planning two of the courses, preliminary flagging, making map corrections, preparing meet materials, setting up and taking down controls, as well as guiding people around the training course the day of the event:
Sarah Osmond, Ann Jennings, Nicole Myers, Margot Doucet, Beth Spencer, Kyla Fisher, Vero Dymond, Adrian Charron, Nicolas Morin and Andrew Garland.

Control number two on the long course caused some confusion as it was in an area of the map which needs map corrections to show the new trails made in recent years (Sorry about that guys).

Also control number eleven was XT as opposed to XY given in the control description (Nolan and I are still quarreling over that one; I think he can't read my handwriting :)

Comments? Suggestions? Corrections? Have we mangled your name horribly? Drop us a line at the address below.
Hope to see you all at the next meet.

Last updated on May 25, 2003.
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