Pippy Park Meet Results

Meet Directors: Bruce Jarvis

September 24 1:30PM

Short Course

Names Scores
Don Spencer, Skye Fisher, Eleanor Schillereff and Ruthie Spencer14:23
Thomas McKenna, James Arambarri and Julian Arambarri32:10
Rutherford Group37:22
Cathy Grant45:14

Medium Course

Names Scores
Jeremy Squires44:05
Cathy Lohnes, Michael Robinson, Brenda Fox and Gary Burden46:15
Tony Middleton75:18

Long Course

Names Scores
Phil Graham and Abigail Steel43:37
Nolan White47:49
Matthew Moores49:57
Danial Schillereff52:08
Marian Wissink and Pauline Emery and Helen Spencer53:24
Michael Rayment54:30
Don Spencer56:55
Robbie Morrell61:03
Frank Parsons70:22
Randy Dodge71:13
Ross Courtney84:17
Scott Parsons and Paul Sherren85:40
David Button and Stephen Inkpen85:40
Last updated on October 8, 2000.
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