Brother Brennen Center

Meet Directors: Michael Rayment and Nolan White

Meet conditions: Sunny ( 12 degrees Celsius ), some flies

May 24, 1:30PM

Short Course - 2.6 km

Names Scores
Aaron Jeffery1:25:40
Kate Williams and Treva Aberle1:55:10

Medium Course - 3.5 km

Names Scores
Martin Mulligan1:12:47
Steve and Sherry Randell1:21:40
Murray Brooker1:23:20
Randy Dodge1:25:25
Marian Wissink and TA Loeffler2:03:45
Steven and Chesley Brown2:08:21

Long Course - 5.0 km

Names Scores
Phil Graham1:51:28
Danny and Don Spencer2:14:25


Great day for orienteering

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Hope to see you all at the next meet.

Last updated on May 24, 2009.
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