Meet Directors: Don and Helen Spencer

Meet conditions: Sun and Cloud ( 17 degrees Celsius )

Sep 23 , 1:30PM Orienteering

Short Course - 3.0 km

Names Scores
Richard Power0:31:30
Emily McIlroy and Alex King1:18:10
Mark Linnehan1:20:10
Kim, Colin, Noah and Jake1:20:30
Barbara, Chris, Jeffery, Michael, Laura, Jane and Andrew2:55:30
Danny Spencer10 of 11 controls
Mitchell HearnDNF

Medium Course - 4.4 km

Names Scores
Shane McEvoy1:18:30
Murry Brooker1:32:30
Karlton Dean1:38:00
Duncan, Phil and Patrick1:43:00
Dave Fifield and Amy Lee Kouwenberg1:47:20
Richard Dalton2:02:30
Jonathan Dalton2:04:37
Randy Dodge2:11:50
Rob, Don, Andy and Darlene2:14:00
Jonathan, Philip, Annie and Philip2:17:00
Mike Wilkshire2:28:00
Trevor HearnDNF
Josh PowerDNF
Eric LinnehanDNF
Desmond LewisDNF
Beth SpencerDNF

Long Course - 6.0 km

Names Scores
Phil Graham1:12:50
Noel Roy1:51:30
Stephen Brown2:08:40
Michael Rayment and Marian Wissink2:17:30
Karina, Fabien and Nolan2:24:20


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