Meet Directors: Noel & Elizabeth Roy

Meet conditions: sunny

June 2, 1:30PM

Short Course, 2km, 50m climb

Names Scores
April Blackwood52:21
Shawna Walsh56:35
Kathleen Ring1:01:30
Andrea Canning and Martbeth Whelan1:02:27
Landon Fisher1:12:20
Dinn & Stockwood1:28:38
Jim and Kim Russell1:36:28
Danny SpencerDNF

Medium Course, 4km, 50m climb

Names Scores
Richard and Thomas McKenna1:43:20
Marianne Stopp1:44:12
Helen Spencer1:53:35
Erik Charron2:40:48
Kayla Fisher2:49:48
Gary Burden & Brenda FoxDNF
Randy DodgeDNF
Andrew Garland & Adrian CharronDNF
Margot Doucet & Sarah & NicoleDNF

Long Course, 6.3 km, 88m climb

Names Scores
Dave BenteauDNF
Don SpencerDNF
Nolan WhiteDNF
Mike Rayment & Abigail SteeleDNF
Pauline & MarianDNF
Robert RingDNF

Last updated on October 25, 2002.
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