Petty Harbour

Meet Directors: Noel Roy

Meet conditions: Cloudy ( 16 degrees Celsius )

Sep 21 , 1:30PM Orienteering

Short Course - 2.0 km

Names Scores
Mitchell Hearn0:17:30
Josh Hachey0:25:04
David Jiang0:26:12
Bill Rahal0:26:15
Theo Coombs,Deanne Dawe,Nathan Manning40:09
Tim Moore,Molly Monaghan,Bronwyn Moore1:01:48
Bran Flynn1:02:59
Kyle Downey,Austin Didham1:04:36
Mike Barron1:09:35
Liam Williams1:21:00
Jason Murphy,Ewan Rogers1:40:20
Rachel Moore,Aoife Monaghan,Margaret Moore1:46:02
Michaela Burke,Chris Lewis1:48:24
Gregory Tracy,Ryan Hunt1:59:20

Medium Course - 3.9 km

Names Scores
Trevor Hearn1:01:46
Shane McEvoy1:02:09
Richard Power1:04:10
Mike Wilkshire2:02:29
Kim, Colin, Noah and Jake Taylor2:04:00
Matthew Newell2:05:10
Amelia Harris,Ellen Power,Joan Reddin,Meghan Dobbin,Olga Trela,Kathleen Parrish2:00:08
Randy Dodge2:11:40
Danica TempletonDNF
John TempletonDNF
Mathias TempletonDNF
Curtis BlackwoodDNF
Steven WhittyDNF
Kim ViguersDNF
Taylor McGrath,Isobell Bradley,Kaylen Hill,Katie BauerDNF
Holly Fleming,Kirsten McKay,Julia Kennedy,Kelly Batten HodderDNF

Long Course - 5.4 km

Names Scores
Norm Dimmell1:16:00
Murray Brooker1:21:20
Nolan White1:24:42
Daniel Horsley1:26:24
Karleton Dean1:45:54
Phil Graham1:53:40
Michael Rendell2:07:00
Alex Charron2:11:00
Mike Rayment2:11:58
Shauna Walsh2:22:08
Carol Ann Galego2:29:00
Richard DaltonDNF
Tim O'GradyDNF
Josh PowerDNF
Elwood WhiteDNF
Jeff ColeDNF


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