Meet Directors: Michael Rayment and Marian Wissink

Meet conditions: Cloudy then clearing

September 21, 1:30PM


Names Scores
Don Spencer22:18
Shauna Walsh27:10
Robert Ring27:18
Keith Lewis27:35
Melissa Hann28:26
Helen Spencer29:44
Jeff Driscoll, Mike and Peter Sullivan31:39
April Blackwood36:12
Dave Fifield37:21
Kayla Pittman37:22
Tom Loader37:36
Danny Spencer, Beth Spencer and Erik Charron38:09
Justin Janes43:20
Randy Dodge43:22
Marybeth Whalen45:17
Sasha Walsh47:09
John Doucet, Pauline Emery59:05
Paul Bendzsa, Lisa, Nick and Matt1:20:35


Holyrood was our contingency venue; we realized Saturday evening that Butterpot Park had closed for the season.

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Hope to see you all at the next meet.

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