Bowring Park

Meet Directors:Nolan White

Meet conditions: Cloudy with sunny breaks ( 25 degrees Celsius )

Sept 20th , 1:30PM

A Course - 2.3 km

Names Scores
Martin Mulligan0:26:08
Edward Alway0:32:11
Michael Wilkshire0:37:16
Sam and Sharene and kids0:47:25
Randy Dodge0:48:08
Aaron Dawe0:45:10
Brook Hiller0:57:45

B Course - 2.5 km

Names Scores
Martin Mulligan0:26:16
Edward Alway0:31:30
Randy Dodge0:35:52
Michael Wilkshile0:39:44
Michael Rayment0:41:36
Leah Bartlet0:48:30
Ashlee Tucker0:57:55

C Course - 2.9 km

Names Scores
Martin Mulligan0:36::16
Sean Murphy and Sheldon Smith0:47::36
Michael Rayment0:52::05
William Coreman0:69::40
Solange CableDNF


Great day for orienteering

Last modified: October 3, 2015.