Bell Island Meet Results

Meet Directors: Bridget Neame and Nolan White

June 20th 1:30PM

Short Course

Names Scores
Alex and Adrien30:15
Helen and Ruth71:06
Devon Thorne99:20
Aaron Murphy103:12
Eirk amd DannyDNF
Christina StackDNF
Adrien, Beth and MargotDNF

Medium Course

Names Scores
Scott & Eleanor Schillereff82:33
Dave and Michael Rendell82:42
Marian Wissink and Pauline Emery107:48
Daniel Schillereff, Jack and Alexander Botsford141:22
Chris FureyDNF
Bernard MolloyDNF
Chad BrocklehorstDNF
Chris HynesDNF
Kagan RoyDNF

Long Course

Names Scores
Noel Roy61:20
Michael Rayment96:36
Don Spencer110:50
Frank Parsons124:48
Lenny Dunn125:27
Shawn CromwellDNF
Randy DodgeDNF
Ross CourtneyDNF
Last updated on June 20, 1999.
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