Meet Directors: Adrian Charron, Hilary Price and Dan Myers

Meet conditions: Sun and Cloud ( 20 degrees Celsius )

June 20th , 1:30PM

Medium Course - 3.5 km

Names Scores
Nick,Seamus and Thomas1:23:10
Marian Wissink and TA Loeffler1:44:30
Dave BankoDNF
Randy DodgeDNF

Long Course - 4.3 km

Names Scores
Steve Randell1:16:45
Phil Graham1:17:05
Nolan White1:30:05
Alex Charron1:57:45
Michael Rayment2:08:00
Brian Claus and Jen Berjshoeff2:12:00
Don, Danny and Helen SpencerDNF


Turned out to be a good day for orienteering

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