Meetinghouse Road, Pouch Cove

Meet Directors: Don Spencer, Helen Spencer

Meet conditions: Sun and Cloud ( 16 degrees Celsius )

October 1st, 1:30PM

Short Course - 2.6 km

Names Scores
Nick Bowen0:40:00
Greg Young0:40:38
Richard Dalton0:46:35
Dillon Flemming1:00:22
Michael Rendell1:04:45
Adrian Barrett and Isabel Barrett1:06:45
Terry Bullock and Anna, Lydia and Paula Lancaster1:14:10
Jessie Martin and Cheyenne Martin1:44:45
Jennifer and David Rendell, Garnet and Jasper Eddinger1:49:10
Danny Spencer and Chris Connors1:57:15
Jeff Holmes and Emma Holmes2:23:30

Medium Course - 4.2 km

Names Scores
Curtis Blackwood1:53:12
Joan, Luke, Kathleen, Amelia and Niamh2:08:20
Murray and Andrew Brooker2:10:50
Eric Linnehan2:29:25
Randy Dodge2:29:55
Pauline Emery and John Doucet2:35:00
Bill Walker2:40:00
Kagan Roy2:56:00
Kayla Monks, Mark Churchill, Chad Cook and Shelaine WadeDNF
Richard PowerDNF
Trevor HearnDNF
Heather, Katie, Kayleigh, Olga and VirginiaDNF
Richard DaltonDNF
Nick BowenDNF

Long Course - 5.7 km

Names Scores
Phil Graham1:43:10
Nolan White1:57:45
Noel Roy2:20:39
Ian Whetter2:24:16
Bruce Dobbin2:29:45
Barry Power2:31:50
Michael Rayment2:51:29
Dean Karlton2:53:30
Richard Charron2:56:35
Justin Hearn2:58:00
Beth Spencer3:36:20
Shawna WalshDNF
Mike WilkshireDNF
Sharene Bungay and Sam BromleyDNF
Neil Barrett and Veronica LefebvreDNF


Hope to see you all at the next meet.

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