South Side Hills Meet Results

Meet Directors: Phil Graham, Abigail Steel and Danial Schillereff

October 1 1:30PM

Short Course

Names Scores
Tommy Smyth34:20
Andy, Landon and Skye Fisher, Eleanor Schillereff and Ruthie Spencer56:30
Richard and Thomas McKenna96:40
David Porter96:40
Arron Barry96:40
Jenny HoganDNF
Patty McDougalDNF

Medium Course

Names Scores
Adrien Charron, Margo Doucet, Beth Spencer Nicole MoirDNF
Jeremy SquiresDNF
Robert RingDNF
Glen LundriganDNF
Adrian Doucet and Alex CharronDNF

Long Course

Names Scores
Helen Spencer and Abigail Steel129:00
Bridget Neame and Nolan White136:45
Don Spencer and Paul151:30
Mike Rayment189:30
Marian Wissink and Pauline Doucet192:00
Sheldon Chafe and Stephen Inkpen214:30
Mike WilkshireDNF
Randy DodgeDNF
Amanda WalshDNF
Mike RotchfordDNF
Dave MayoDNF
Daniel Schillereff and Danny SpencerDNF
Last updated on October 8, 2000.
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