Bowring Park

Meet Directors: Nolan White

Meet conditions: Rain and 6C

September 17th , 1:30PM

Score Meet Results

Names Time Score
Chris Piller0:42:12530
Barry Power1:07:20530
Curtis Blackwood0:56:55500
Matt Murphy1:15:25480
Martin Mulligan1:19:00460
Pauline Emery1:19:41370
Don Spencer and Jasper Edinger1:14:46340
Bill Rahal0:59:55290
Randy Dodge1:28:00250
Jennifer Rendell1:10:00200
Matt Sheehan1:28:30190
Mike Wilkshire1:20:05140
Colin, Kim, Jake, Noah Taylor1:42:4420
Tim OGredyunknownunknown


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