Butterpot Park Meet Results

Meet Directors: Phil Graham and Nolan White

September 19 1:30PM

Short Course

Names Scores
Briget Neame, Becky Wellman, Ruth Spencer and Eleanor Schillereff141:15
Adrien Charron and Margot DoucetDNF(They got Hungry! :) )

Medium Course

Names Scores
Frank Parsons108:45
Randy Dodge113:29
Marian Wissink, Pauline Emery, Andre Charron, Richard Charron and John Doucet137:36
Chris HynesDNF
Chad BrocklehurstDNF
Daniel Schillereff, Danny Spencer and Beth SpencerDNF
Tony MiddletonDNF

Long Course

Names Scores
Michael Rendell120:19
Michael Rayment123:37
Don Spencer and Helen SpencerDNF
Ulf Schuenemann and Irina RadaDNF
Lenny DunnDNF
Ross CourtneyDNF
Gregory LovettDNF
Last updated on September 21, 1999.
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