Petty Harbour

Meet Director: Nolan White

Meet conditions: Heavy rain and wind ( 15 degrees Celsius )

September 18th , 1:30PM

Short Course - 3.1 km

Names Scores
Clark Richards0:42:00
Curtis Blackwood0:53:55
Joanna Chong and Carolyn Chong1:00:15

Medium Course - 3.6 km

Names Scores
Shawna Walsh1:36:47
Mary-Beth WhalenDNF
Sasha WalshDNF

Long Course - 4.4 km

Names Scores
Dave Fifield1:27:14
Pauline Emery, John Doucet, Marian Wissink2:01:20
Randy Dodge2:28:23
Elise MorinDNF

Elite Course - 6.4 km

Names Scores
Margot Doucet, Alex Charron, Nicolas Morin1:52:43
Michael Rayment2:50:20
Don Spencer and Helen Spencer8 of 11(DNF)
Neil Barrett and Veronica5 of 11(DNF)


Hope to see you all at the next meet.

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