Bowring Park Meet Results

Meet Directors: Martin Mulligan

October 18th 1:30PM

Short Course

Names Scores
Dariye, Nicole, Krista, Lori59:40
Joanne Porter and Margaret Larson62:20
Clare McIntyre and Bojana Gligoric64:45
Skye Fisher, Landon Fisher, Jan Fisher93:15
Adrian Charron96:20
Margot Doucet96:20
Nicolas Morin96:20
Ana O'Neill96:20
Sarah Osmond96:20
Margot Doucet96:20

Medium Course

Names Scores
Don Spencer, Danny Spencer, Daniel Schillereff50:40
Mervyn McIntyre51:10
Helen Spencer, Ruth Spencer, Paul Robins52:40
Nolan White59:00
Frank Parsons61:15
Judith McIntyre64:20
Randy Dodge65:05
Bridget Neane67:15
Dave Fifield74:55
Eleanor Schillereff, Scott Schillereff75:30
Kyla, Lindsay, Abigail, Beth75:30
Last updated on October 21, 1998.
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