Bowring Park

Meet Directors: Michael Rayment and Nolan White

Meet conditions: Sunny and 18C

September 17th , 1:30PM

Score Meet Results

Names Time Score
Barry Power0:50:27500
Sam Bromley and Sharene Bungay0:59:10500
Martin Mulligan1:04:14500
Don Spencer1:12:36500
Sherri Hennessey and Steve Randell1:13:31500
Niel Barrett and Veronica Lefebvre1:08:24470
Shawna Walsh1:09:53420
Randy Dodge1:21:14420
Curtis Blackwood1:09:26410
Mary-Beth Whalen1:13:02400
Sasha Walsh1:13:02400
Dave Grant1:12:15390
Chris Marshell1:12:46390
Kimberley Viguers1:15:51350
Elwood White1:13:51330
Pauline Emery1:31:17330
Chris Strang1:11:53320
Geffery Cole1:13:23310
Scott Hartery1:15:46300
Ryan Peach1:18:18280
Corey Janes0:54:03250
Nicholas Bowen>1:20:10220
Ian Whetter and Kat Geotting1:27:56160
Mark Churchill,Shelaine Wade and Kyla Monks1:41:50150
Adrien Charron and Hillary Price1:41:0090
Kathy Lonner and Denise Flint1:39:4620
Michael Rendell, Alida Zedel and Garnet Eddinger1:21:0010
Dianne Boone and Lyndon Boone1:23:43-60


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