Bowring Park Meet Results

Meet Directors: Martin Mulligan

September 17 1:30PM

Short Course

Names Scores
R Murphy41:30
J Milley46:31
K Noftal48:31
L Gosse50:24
Andy and Kids51:49
Bridget and Eleanor Schillereff52:14
Amanda Walsh55:51
Cathy Lohner amd Brenda Fox59:10
Danny Spencer72:48
Jeremy SquiresDNF
Katie SomersDNF
Shawna WalshDNF
Marianne Stoppe and KidsDNF
Richard Mckenna and KidsDNF
David and Seamus Porter and KidsDNF
Kathy, John and KidsDNF
Ruth, Beth and BeckyDNF
A Canning and A BlackwoodDNF
Chris BarringtonDNF
Victor SquiresDNF
Carm OliverDNF
Jacob PorterDNF
Glen LundriganDNF
Kevin ShopterDNF
Shane BucklandDNF
Leah CoombsDNF
Kathleen RingDNF
Jennifer WhitewayDNF
Kate CloustonDNF

Medium Course

Names Scores
Robin Morrett39:56
Daniel Schillereff65:35
T Fitz66:40
C Hutchings71:22
M Harnett75:18
Mike Wilkshire87:45
Margot Doucet and Adrian Charron100:06
Pauline Emery and Marian Wissink102:15
C Janes108:33
Don Spencer110:02
Greg Lovett114:33
Ronnie HoganDNF
Joey RingDNF
Colin FaheyDNF
Michael RothfordDNF
Robyn HarrisDNF
David MayoDNF
Colleen ShapterDNF
J HoganDNF
K ShapterDNF
K BucklandDNF
C BucklandDNF
S KennedyDNF
T SmythDNF
M ParmenterDNF
C HealeyDNF
A BaileyDNF
Chris HynesDNF
Matthew MooresDNF
Ross CourtneyDNF
Last updated on October 8, 2000.
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