South Side Hills Meet Results

Meet Directors: Nolan White and Bridget Neame

October 1 1:30PM

Short Course

Names Scores
John, Cathy, Moira and Heather McLoughlin97:45
Collette Phillips, Eleanor Schillereff, Maria Bath and Joshua Bath111:27
Danny SpencerDNF

Medium Course

Names Scores
Adrien Charron, Margo Doucet, Beth Spencer, Kyla Fisher and Skye FisherDNF
Kagan RoyDNF
Randy DodgeDNF
Elizabeth OliverDNF

Long Course

Names Scores
Scott and Daniel Schillereff135:04
Michael Rayment167:35
Landon Fisher and Abigail Steel174:40
Don Spencer196:20
Marian Wissink, Pauline Doucet and Helen Spencer206:01
Noel RoyDNF
Last updated on June 17, 2001.
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