Bell Island Meet Results

Meet Director: Randy Dodge

Meet conditions - Cloudy/Rain/Windy 16 degrees C, partly sunny at end of meet

September 16, 2007 1:30PM

Long Course - 5.5 Km

Names Scores
Dan & Don Spencer 1:18:08
Michael Rayment 1:26:55
Stephen Brown 1:35:25
Beth Spencer 1:37:02
Shawna Walsh 1:37:50
Shawn Conway 1:43:14
Helen Spencer & Marian Wissink 1:45:09
Jamie Sullivan 2:07:20
Leslie Moore 2:09:28
Nolan White & Allison Morrison 2:12:06
Norm Dimmel/Anne Stapleton/Andrew Best/Fiona Curtis 2:50:40
Kayla Monks,Shelaine Wade,Mark Churchill,Chad Cook DNF

Medium Course 4 Km

Names Scores
Duncan, Patrick,Emily McIlroy 0:49:08
Nathan Barnes 0:55:15
Tim OGrady 0:57:20
Jonathan & Philip St.Croix, Philip McIlroy 1:43:46

Short Course - 2.5 Km

Names Scores
Bill Rahal 0:39:30
Greg Young 0:46:30
Britany Dove 0:53:47
Melissa Anthony 0:58:50
Adam Barnes 1:12:02
Tim Moore,Rachel, Margaret Bronwyn 1:22:07
Jennifer/Michael, Jasper,Garnet 1:26:25
David Jiang 2:03:45

Guide Troop

Names Scores
Amelia Harris, Niamh Maquire,Megan Dobbin
Megan Kathleen Parrish, Catherine Dziadura, Heather Predham
Joan Reddin, Ellen Power, Kayleigh Wareham, Holly Fleming
Marian Dobbin, Kirsten McKay, Ella Dyer
Kaylen Hill, Christina Dziadura, Eilish Brown, Carly Boone
Olivia Curtis-Brown, Molly Graham, Janette Chafe


Thanks for those who braved the weather, travelled oversea to attend the meet.

Comments? Suggestions? Corrections? Have we mangled your name horribly? Drop us a line at the address below.
Hope to see you all at the next meet.

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