Butterpot Park Meet Results

Meet Directors: Michael Rayment, Nolan White, Daniel Schillereff

Meet Conditions: Sunny and warm ( 18 C )

September 16th 1:30PM

Long Course, 4.0 km

Names Scores
T. Smyth56:20
C. Hutchings57:09
Abigail Steele66:40
Richard McKenna, Mary Anne Stopp and Thomas McKenna92:58
Randy Dodge105:30
Eva Whitmore107:40
Kim Whitmore108:18
Alex Charron110:15
Danney Spencer111:20
Adrian Charron, Margot Doucet, Kyla Fisher and Beth Spencer112:00
Anthony Bailey117:08

Short Course, 2.0 km

Names Scores
Brittany Rodgers45:48
Adam Templeton48:35
Rebecca Long and Joe Reynolds55:30
Charles Butt, Stephen Butt and Patrick Murphy57:50
Landon Fisher and Skye Fisher58:01
Holley Reese60:35
Linda Pearce, Andrew Dale and Marcus Dale64:25
Richard Debruyn and Christine Patterson65:25
William Pittman, Steve Bishop and Mark Whitty69:53
Jason Sweet-Apple, Jeremy Power, Ryan Murphy and Jeremy Sweet-Apple77:20
Jill Henderson and Ricky Bonnell78:10
Eugene Murphy, Jackson McLean, Joey Molyneux and Peter Myles78:20
Alexis Templeton, Mathias Templeton and Brian Reynolds80:00
Ruth SpencerDNF

Last updated on September 19, 2001.
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