Meetinghouse Road, Pouch Cove

Meet Director: Shawn Conway

Meet conditions: Cloud ( 10 degrees Celsius )

Jun 15th, 1:30PM

Short Course - 2.6 km

Names Scores
Chura, Victor and Michael2:07:40
Alex BlundonDNF

Medium Course - 4.1 km

Names Scores
Bill Rahal1:12:45
Emily, Patrick and Caroline McIlroy1:27:25
Matt and Kelly1:44:30
Kaylen and Mark2:08:18
Steve and LeeDNF

Long Course - 5.0 km

Names Scores
Phil Graham1:10:30
Curtis Blackwood1:13:38
Don Spencer1:14:54
Shawn Walsh1:20:50
Dave Fifield and Amy-Lee Kouwenberg1:35:14
Tim O'Grady1:47:49
Sheri and Steve Randell1:52:33
Michael Rayment1:54:45
Emma Meulenkamp and Philip McIlroy2:14:15
Nolan White2:45:48


Hope to see you all at the next meet.

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