Pippy Park Training Meet

Meet Directors: Michael, Nolan, Randy, Don

Meet conditions: Sunny, 20 degrees Celsius

Sept 14th , 1:30PM

Training Course - 1.5 km

Names Scores
Matt Murphy, Steve Foote and Cheryl Slade0:54:35
Noah,Ruth, Bobby and Luke1:02:44
John and Alexis Templeton1:06:50
Alyssa, Stacey, Courtney, Kelsey, Chesley, Lorna, Winston and Gary1:14:00
Cory Hutchings and Megan Negrijn1:26:49
Steve, Sherry and Matthew Rendell1:30:58
Arron, Josha, Pat, Maureen, Josh, Brandon, Marina, Jeremy, Matthew, Pat and Jennifer1:35:14
Mike Barron1:38:03
Mathias Templeton and Peter Roth1:40:20
Erin, Melissa, Dakota, Terri Lynn, Bridget and Evan1:45:20


This event consisted of an introduction to Orienteering, a guided map walk followed by more instruction. Everyone then did a short orienteering course to practice what they learned.

Last modified: May 3, 2011.
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