Pippy Park Training-Meet Results

Meet Director: Nolan White / Mike Rayment

Meet conditions - Cloud/Light Mist 15 degrees C

September 13, 2009 1:30PM

Medium/Bonus Course - 3-4 Km

Names Scores
Lisa Morgan 1:01:10
Brian Claus,Jen Begshoeff 1:10:50
Curtis Blackwood 1:24:10
Colleen,Dave Banko 1:27:30
Samantha Harper 1:34:30
Matthew Newell 1:34:45
Kat Goetting, Jason Robinson,Catherine Jalbert 1:34:50
Bill Rahal 1:39:45
Raven Kelly, Emily Walsh 1:43:30
Kyle Woodrow,Jason Walsh 1:00 DNF

Short Course 1.1 Km

Names Scores
Kirin,Andrea, Vik Adhopia 38:15
Dave Grant, Hannah Reid 42:10
Curtis Rumbolt,Lisa Morrissey 44:05
Seamus Boyd-Porter 51:30
Austin Didham, Greg Tracey 57:30
Thomas Rahal 59:05
Kyle Downey 1:01:05
Paula Martin -
Mike Wilkshire,Tim Mathews -
Sharene Bungay, Jocelyne, kids -


Thanks to Randy Dodge for helping with Registration.

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Hope to see you all at the next meet.

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