Night Orienteering Meet Camp Nor Wes

Meet Director: Nolan White

November 13th

Individual Results

Nick Leja Vanier 39:13
John Newbury Topsail 58:00

Group Results

Graham Case and Simon Lefcovitch 6th St. John's 59:05
Patrick Mullins and Marcus Roil Topsail 60:09
Duncon Diyoung, Devin Thorne, Tim Warren 3rd St. John's 60:29
Keith Au and Ryan Clark 3rd St. John's 68:09
Lance Bolt, Hollie Duke, Matthew Gaulton 1st Goulds 70:18
Gene Murphy, Mike King, Chesey Norman 1st Goulds 77:55
Mike Martin, Rudy Walters, John Matchem St. Martins 90:59
Andrew Pearcy and Mark Forsey 1st Cowan Heights DNF
David Voisey and Sean Murphy 1st Cowan Heights DNF
Chad and Brenmon 1st Goulds DNF
Crystal Duke and Jason Gaulton 1st Goulds DNF