Bowring Park Meet Results

Meet Director: Randy Dodge, Frank Parsons

Meet conditions - Cloudy, 15 degrees C

June 12, 2005 1:30PM

Med/Long Course

Names Scores
Margot Doucet 0:46:00
Don Spencer 0:52:45
Marian Wissink, Richard Charron 1:01:10
Nolan White 1:01:45
Pauline Emery 1:02:17
Mike Rayment 1:04:17
Murray & Andrew Brooker, Steve Payette 1:05:43
Mike & Peter Sullivan 1:06:25
Alison Cox, Alli 1:19:29
Kenny Group (H,M,K,U,S) 1:27:12
Sam & Kelly Bromley, Sharene Bungay, Lionel Brits 1:29:00
Andrew & Chris Carter, Greg 1:32:46
C & J Robenson DNF (9/11)

Short Course

Names Scores
Group 4- Deanne, Seana, Alicia 0:30:15
Group 1 - Nick, Dillin, Patant 0:31:25
Jessica Ivany 0:33:25
Group 2 - Gary, Joss, Joss 0:35:06
Group 3 - Brad, Jimmy, John 0:35:33
Group 5 - Darren, Jossua, Adam DNF


Thanks for those who attended the meet, especialy the St. Theresa Scout Troup.Thanks also to Mike Rayment, Pauline and Margot for helping to take down the course.

Comments? Suggestions? Corrections? Have we mangled your name horribly? Drop us a line at the address below.
Hope to see you all at the next meet.

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