Pippy Park Training Meet Results

Meet Director: Michael Rayment, Nolan White, Marian Wissink

Meet conditions - Rain and Drizzle, 14 degrees C

Sept 11, 2005 1:30PM

Med/Training Course

Names Scores
Randy Dodge 0:38:14
Justin Hearn 0:39:39
Barry Power 0:47:57
Sam Bromley and Sharene Bungay 0:47:59
Sarah Carten, Caroline Chong, Joanna Chong 0:50:58
Kristine Nolan 0:58:46
Jeremy Bonia 0:58:55
Neva Fudge 1:01:11
Joleen Barron 1:01:20
Stephen Payette 1:03:07
Brandon Fudge 1:03:12
Richard Dalton 1:03:20
Neil Barrett and Veronica Lefebvre 1:08:21
Joey Daley 1:12:28
Murray & Andrew Brooker, Steve Payette 1:12:28
Trevor Hearn 1:16:09
Karlton Dean 1:17:50
Josh Power 1:20:11
Josh Burke 1:20:17
AJ Fagan 1:24:17
Pauline Emery 1:25:51
Sara Nolan 1:30:40
Richard Power 1:32:40
Carl Eustace and Diane Eustace 1:35:51
Danial Shaw and Margaret Shaw 1:42:20
Evan Edinger and Jasper Edinger 1:50:00
Jennifer Rendell and Jasper Edinger 1:52:00
Chris Kielly 1:30:40(DNF)


Thanks for those who attended the meet.Thanks also to Randy Dodge for helping to take down the course.

Comments? Suggestions? Corrections? Have we mangled your name horribly? Drop us a line at the address below.
Hope to see you all at the next meet.

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