Pippy Park Training Meet

Meet Directors: Michael, Nolan, Randy, Pauline, Helen

Meet conditions: Snow, 0 degrees Celsius

May 27th , 1:30PM

Short Course - 1.5 km

Names Scores
Joan Reddin, Heather Predham and Sarah Predham0:44:23
Charlotte Genge0:56:34
Julia Kennedy, Mana Dobbin and Kirsten McKay1:09:00
Niamh Maquire, Megan Dobbin and Olga Trela1:36:46

Medium Course - 2.5 km

Names Scores
Peter Benoite0:35:30
Tim Clarke0:56:23
Peter Howell and AshleyDNF


Three events were set out; a short training course with a brief introduction to the sport by Michael Rayment, a short 1.5 km course, and a more challenging 2.5 km course. Beginners did the training course followed by a short course. Returning members opted for one of the two short courses. Thanks to all SJOC members who came to help out and helped take newbies around the courses.

Last modified: May 3, 2011.
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