Butterpot Park

Meet Directors: Phil Graham

Meet conditions: Started out raining and turned sunny

June 11th , 1:30PM

Short Course - 3.0 km

Names Scores
Kim Skinner and Kelda Farell1:24:00
Barb, Keith, Jake and Noah Taylor1:37:00
Barb and Meaghan Brooker1:58:00
Nathalie Vanasse, Erika Merschrod, Maurice and Jonathan Babin1:52:00(7 of 9 controls)
Alan Moores and Lana Hayward1:13:00(DNF)

Medium Course - 4.8 km

Names Scores
Luke Patterson1:28:00
Norm Dimmell1:29:00
Tony Patterson1:36:00
Murry and Andrew Brooker2:09:00
Randy Dodge2:10:00
Bill Walker2:17:00
Stephen Brown and Michelle Downey2:21:00
Michael Rayment and team Brown2:27:00
Helen Spencer and Pauline Emery3:20:00

Long Course - 7.2 km

Names Scores
Nolan White2:08:00
Don Spencer and Smokey2:54:00
Marian Wissink and Richard Charron, Anya3:03:00
Michael Wilkshire3:23:00
Sam Bromley, Sharene Bungay, Dave GoodyearDNF

Mountain Bike Course - 20 km

Names Scores
Norm Dimmell1:58:00
Colin and Kim Taylor2:00:00
Keith and Kim Manuel2:23:00
Phil Gushue, Jason Pretty and Michelle Cooze3:22:00
Beth SpencerDNF


Many thanks to all the meet organizers and hope to see you all again in September.

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