Bowring Park Meet Results

Meet Directors: Bridget Neame & Helen Spencer

June 11th 1:30PM

Medium Course

Names Scores
Daniel Schillereff and Beth & Danny Spencer51:05
Michael Rayment54:58
Ian Whittle63:00
Randy Dodge67:10
Luke & Tony Patterson and Elizabeth & Philip Bullran70:10
Pauline Doucet, Elizabeth Goodyear and Marian Wissink76:12
Kagan Roy86:25
Adam Lane and Alex Whittle85:00
Tony Kane, Amanda Hunt and Jocelyn Shaw97:36
Patricia Beh and Amy Shaw99:20
Ashley Hunt and Colin Nelson101:10
Tanya MacDonald, Danielle Brittain and Christina FurlongDNF
Catherie Beh and Jamice CampbellDNF

Short Course

Names Scores
Lucille O'Neil, Margot Doucet, Adrian Charron and Amanda Mulrooney35:53
Amanda Goodyear55:00
Catherine LairDNF
Last updated on June 11, 2000.
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