Pippy Park

Meet Directors: Michael Rayment and Nolan White

Meet conditions: Sunny and 18C

September 10th , 1:30PM

Short Course - 2.5 km

Names Scores
Shawn Conway0:28:37
Shawna Walsh0:36:57
Barry Power0:39:13
Curtis Blackwood0:39:52
Sasha Walsh0:44:12
Murray and Andrew Brooker0:46:18
Krista Murphy0:47:02
Colin, Kim, Jake and Noah Taylor1:06:03
Sam Newhook, Riley Hatcher, Brian,Matthew and David Drover 1:10:47
Fiona Frappier and Ryan Leginsk1:15:53
Kristen Garrett and Joyce Blundon1:17:33
Pauline Emery1:23:10
Terry, Lydia and Anna Bullock1:23:20
Bill Walker1:25:20
Chris MarshallDNF


Thanks to Randy Dodge, Pauline Emery and John Doucet for helping out with the training event.

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