Butterpot Training Event

Meet Directors: Randy Dodge, Michael Rayment, Danial Schillereff and Nolan White

September 10 1:30PM

Training Course

Names Scores
Abigail Steel39:30
Mike Bishop54:16
Alex Charron and Adrien Doucet55:58
Gerry Walsh58:16
Steven Inkpen and Sheldon Andrews60:05
Marian Wissink and Pauline Emery62:25
Tanya MacDonald68:52
Chris Hynes71:15
Adam Anthony72:15
Marianne Stopp and Seamus Porter72:52
Richard McKenna and Thomas McKenna72:52
Ross Courtney75:15
Travis Squires78:50
Christina Furlong and Carolyn Matchem79:15
Paul Sherren and Scott Parsons79:53
Stephen Cole80:15
Tracey Squires and Amanda Walsh82:05
Greg Loveh82:50
Kyla Fisher, Beth Spencer and Skye Fisher83:16
Chris Smith84:16
Laura Matchim and Sarah Winsor87:20
Janice Campbell and Heather Campbell90:10
Tony Patterson91:30
Gary Burden, Brenda Fox, Alicia Burden and Kathy Lohner93:00
Danny Spencer and Helen Spencer114:55
Adrien Cherron and Margo DoucetDNF
Last updated on October 8, 2000.
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