Bell Island

Meet Directors: Nolan White and Michael Rayment

Meet conditions: Cloudy with some sunny breaks ( 12 degrees Celsius )

June 10th , 1:30PM

Medium Course - 3.0 km

Names Scores
Randy Dodge1:55:10
Julia Parsons, Reg Crummey, Matthew Tobin, Jessika GengeDNF
Steven Noftall, Logan McArthur, Ben KirbyDNF
Hunter McArthur, Kelly Flight, Karly FlightDNF
Ryan Lidstead, Brandon Murphy, Shawn KirbyDNF
Sherida Warren, Mitchell Comerford, Jacob MeadusDNF
Andrew Reynolds, Nadine LidstoneDNF

Long Course - 4.1 km

Names Scores
Oystein Braathen0:49:25
Michael Rayment1:42:08
Bjorn MoenDNF


Turned out to be a good day for orienteering

Last modified: June 15, 2012.