Camp Morristown, Foxtrap

Meet Directors: Phil Graham

Meet conditions: Sun and Cloud ( 25 degrees Celsius )

Jun 10th , 11:00AM Bike and 1:30pm Orienteering

Short Bike Course - 5.0 km

Names Scores
Carolyn, Emily, Duncan and Patrick0:59:20
Sheridan Thompson1:03:00
Colin, Jake, Kim and Noah2:08:30
Hollay Rose and John C...2:20:00
Evan, Garnet, Jennifer and Jasper2:47:40

Long Bike Course - 20.0 km

Names Scores
Norm Dimmell and Andrew Badstone2:01:30
Gweneth Pryse-Phillips2:50:00
Nolan, Phillip and Richard3:19:00
Kyla Fisher and Erik Charron4:01:00

Short Course - 3.0 km

Names Scores
Duncan, Emily and Patrick McIlroy1:16:50
Don Osmond, Rob Rasmberg and Christieone Mantin1:35:30
Geoff, Karen, Grace and Emily Holmes1:56:00

Medium Course - 4.4 km

Names Scores
Evan Edinger and Michael Rendell1:51:30
Murray Brooker2:11:40
Sam Bromley and Sharene Bungay2:17:30
Hillary, Michael, Matt and Nicolas2:22:30
Dave Fifield and Amy Kouwenberg2:19:00
Tony Patterson2:27:00
Chesley Brown, Stephen Brown and Nadine Lidstone2:28:00
Randy Dodge2:28:20
Mike Wilkshire2:38:00
Matt Graham, Tiegan Graham and Sheridan ThompsonDNF
Michael SullivanDNF
Adrian, Ayesha, Roshni and Akash FiechDNF

Long Course - 6.0 km

Names Scores
Sherri Hennessey and Steve Randell2:18:20


Hope everyone enjoyed the spring season. The fall events start on September 9th with a training event for beginners.

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