Petty Harbour

Meet Directors: Phil Graham

Meet conditions: Foggy, sometimes mauzy ( 19 degrees Celsius )

October 5 , 1:30PM

Short Course - 2.9 km

Names Scores
Landon and Andy Fisher59:10
Mary-Beth Whalen1:19:30
Shana Ryall1:33:00
Sasha Walsh1:35:00
Samantha Lahey1:37:40
Melissa Hann1:38:40
Paul Bendzsa, Lisa, Nic and Matt2:02:10
Mary Scott, Ken Crocker, +22:06:50
Chris HennesseyDNF
Geoffrey ColeDNF
Ryan PeachDNF

Medium Course - 4.0 km

Names Scores
Adrian Charron and Nicolas Morin54:20
Martin Mulligan57:30
Margot Doucet58:30
Keith Lewis1:03:30
Randy Dodge1:43:10
Beth Spencer, Kyla Fisher and Erik Charron1:38:30
Luke and Tony Patterson1:49:50
April Blackwood1:52:10
Pauline Emery, John Doucet1:52:30
Stephen Bishop1:59:00
Shauna Walsh2:02:30
Kathleen Ring2:05:40
Kayla Monks2:16:00
Katylin Murphy2:17:00
M. Whitty2:28:00
Tony Middleton2:32:10
Steven Butt2:39:00
Kyle Byrne2:40:00
Nicole Reid2:41:10
Kelen JensenDNF
Brendan WhiteDNF

Long Course - 5.6 km

Names Scores
Noel Roy1:32:30
Thomas Smythe1:46:20
Michael Sullivan and Jeff Driscoll1:47:50
Alex Dugal1:48:20
Aaron Murphy1:49:30
Michael Rayment and Abigail Steel1:49:50
Michael Wilkshire2:12:00
Robert Ring2:13:20
Kayla Pittman2:14:00
Richard Charron and Marian Wissink2:15:30
Don and Helen Spencer2:16:00


Hope to see you all at the next meet.

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