Butterpot Park

Meet Directors: Abigail Steel and Marian Wissink

Meet conditions: Sun and Cloud ( 9 degrees Celsius )

June 3rd , 1:30PM

Short Course - 3.2 km

Names Scores
Noah, Jake, Colin and Kim Taylor1:02:00
Heather, Jason, Jackson, Bradley and Holly Thistle1:02:00
Chris and Zack Moore1:04:34
Melissa Anthony, Allison Verbree, Erin and Don Boyles, Brody1:26:15
Roshni, Akash, Adrian and Ayesha Fiech1:44:20
Keith Lawton, Lorenzo, Marta, Anna, and Pietro Ravani1:44:20

Medium Course - 4.5 km

Names Scores
Duncan and Patrick McIlroy0:57:50
Caroline and Philip McIlroy1:08:30
Noel Roy1:09:00
Martin Mulligan1:12:07
Murray Brooker, Lou1:32:00
Randy Dodge1:46:03
Sharene Bungay and Sam Bromley1:50:30
Tony and Aidan Patterson2:08:20
Kagan Roy2:28:30
Molly Graham and Anna Sparkes2:36:28

Long Course - 6.2 km

Names Scores
Nolan White1:28:50
Norm Dimmell1:29:30
Phil Graham, Dillon1:38:20
Steve Randell1:47:03
David Agar2:13:15
Kat Goetting and Alain Lusignan, Andy2:19:00
Richard Charron, Anya2:44:49


A good turnout on a beautiful day. Apologies for the error in translation on #5 medium which caused some extra running around and head scratching. Hope to see you all at the next meet.

Last modified: May 3, 2011.