Bowring Park

Meet Directors: TA Loeffler, Marian Wissink

Meet conditions: Cloudy, 4 degrees Celsius

June 2, 2013 , 1:30PM

Score Meet Results

Names Time Score
Oystein Braathen0:41:0880
Martin Mulligan1:00:3080
Nadine Lidstone, Andrew Reynolds1:17:1080
Michael Wilkshire1:22:4065
Randy Dodge1:24:4062
Anna and Nolan White1:23:0561
Henrik Braathen1:18:5457
Tony, Tanya, Brennan Kane1:13:0252
Asley Ivany, Peter McLean, Marcus Coate1:17:2043
Ben Kirby, Mitchell Comerford, Shawn Kirby, Hunter McArthur1:14:2541
Kurtis Butt, Chris Brinson, Robert Coffey, Geoff Winsor1:16:3330
Amy and Gerard White1:24:3530
Kyle Snow, Brendan Leftaulc, Jonathan Howlett1:05:4823
Logan McArthur, Jeremy Nippard, Steven Noftall, Brendan Murphy1:02:2013
Julia Parsons, Adam Rice1:09:1011


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Hope to see you all at the next meet.

Last modified: June 5, 2013.