orienteering symbol St. John's Orienteering Club

SJOC 2021 Schedule

Date Event Location Time Contact Phone
December ?? Bowering Park Score-O Bowering Park TBA SJOC

Notes: We will be experimenting with virtual scores and controls using the MapRun platform. You will need a phone to participate. Download the MapRun app on your phone (available for both iPhone and Android), download the map/controls for the event. Go to the start location n Bowering Park and run/walk the course. Enjoy!
We will leave the course up for two weeks so you can run the course at your convenience. You can run the course as may times as you wish.
For extra information you can phone our contact number for a specific meet, or call Michael Rayment(864-8711/986-9283)

Participation in any SJOC event is at your own risk.

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