Dr. Oscar E. Meruvia Pastor
3D Stippling Animations


Real-Time Stippling
Presentation Video (Divx Avi, 21,5Mb)

Upsetting the Crocodile
Coco Movie (Quicktime, 36.5Mb)

Stippled Beating Heart
Heart BeatMovie (Quicktime, 15Mb)

Flat Shaded teapot
Teapot Long Movie (Quicktime, 38.3Mb)

The Brain
Brain Short Movie (Quicktime, 10.1Mb)
Brain Long Movie (Quicktime, 88.7Mb)

Beating Heart with Transparency
Heart Beat Movie2 (Quicktime, 15Mb)

Gouraud Shaded Teapot
Teapot Movie (Quicktime, 48.7Mb)

Hand Closing
Hand Closing Movie (Quicktime, 24Mb)

Thumbs Up
Thumbs Up Movie (Quicktime, 15.3Mb)

Sphere Animation with smoothly interpolated stipples, only light source moves.
Sphere Movie (Quicktime, 9.41Mb)

Rotating Sphere
Animation with dark blue stipples, sphere moves, light source is still. Sphere Movie (Quicktime, 9.41Mb)

Polygon Fan Zooming

 Polygon Faces (Quicktime, 4.6Mb)