Course Materials

All materials for courses I am currently teaching are available through Memorial University´s D2L (Desire2Learn) system.

(MUN's D2L portal ).


Flash Animations for Introductory Programming Concepts

I have produced Flash animations to describe, through analogies, how the most essential elements of programming work: loops, branching, function calls, etc. These animations use analogies where the CPU travels and executes code acting as a train that follows train tracks and switches rails according to the rules of structured programming. Since this is a way of illustrating flow diagrams, I used the term "train track diagrams" to describe these animations. Another analogy is used where a cellular biological process look-alike is used to explain parameter passing and function/method calls.

(Train track diagrams).

These are the courses I have taught:

At Thompson Rivers University (TRU):
• COMP 100 Introduction to Information Technology
• COMP 113 - Introduction to Programming
• COMP 152 - Introduction to Programming for Engineers
• COMP 221 - Introduction to Visual Programming
• COMP 482 - Interactive Computer Graphics
• COMP 483 - Multimedia Application Development
• COMP 345/498 - Human-Computer Interaction Design

At Memorial University of Newfoundland (MUN):
• COMP 1550 - Introduction to Multimedia Application Development
• COMP 2760 - Encountering the Computer
• COMP 4752/6720 - Computer Graphics Undergraduate & Graduate

• Science 1000 - Introduction to Science I (course coordinator)
• Science 1150 - Introduction to Physical & Life Sciences I
• Science 1151 - Introduction to Physical & Life Sciences II