ICS- Incremental Cell Search Software Distribution


Incremental Cell Search (ICS) is a Java(tm) program designed to estimate cell locations in embryonary tissue samples.

It requires a couple of freely available libraries, like ImageJ and Java3D (included in this distribution). The current distributions of ImageJ and Java3D must be downloaded from their respective makers.

The program can be freely downloaded here: download the ICS install files ( 1.9 MB Zip file). Extract the files and proceed to install from the directory or folder where the files were extracted.

-To install on Windows(tm) operating systems double-click on "runICSinstaller.bat".

-To install on Solaris(tm) and unix-type operating systems (text command shell) type "runICSinstaller.sh" from the command shell.

After installation, go to the folder or directory of installation path and double-click on "cellCounterGUI.bat" (Windows), or type "cellCounterGUI.sh" from the command prompt (Unix-type systems) for execution. Additional options for execution are found in ICS_INSTALL_README.txt.